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"Complete Clinics hCG program helped me lose 45 pounds and drop 8 dress sizes."

Who We Are

Complete Clinics is Chicago’s leading medical wellness and weight loss solution. Our affordable, physician-supported weight loss and wellness programs are tailored to your specific goals and body composition, eliminating the guesswork so you can lose weight quickly and keep it off over the long-term.

Unlike other weight loss programs, we offer a clinical approach to weight loss and personal fitness. Complete Clinics’ dietary approach actually disrupts the fat building process utilizing the latest advances in metabolic technology while modifying your normal dietary patterns. We supplement our approach where indicated with prescription or natural appetite suppressants, dietary supplements, and Lipotropic fat burning and B-12 injections designed to jumpstart and then support your body’s metabolism.

At Complete Clinics, we have built our reputation on our ability to treat patients interested in losing a couple of inches as well as those who want to lose 100 pounds or more. Since our clinic is staffed with board-certified nurse practitioners and clinicians, and physician’s assistants, we are uniquely qualified to help patients with medical conditions that make it harder to lose weight such as insulin resistance, diabetes, thyroid-related issues, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and high cholesterol.

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