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Protein Supplements

Protein supplementation is an essential part of our comprehensive program. Our unique Traditional Program may include up to two daily protein supplements, in addition to our conventional real food dietary approach. Complete Clinics has an exclusive line of custom protein shakes and bars that are specially formulated to assist in our conventional dietary approach. Our patients have the option to purchase ‘specific’ products in local retail venues or they may use our custom protein products. Not all protein products are acceptable for our program. The limited recommended products may not always be available in local retail establishments. For that reason, we offer our own exclusive line of custom protein shakes and bars. Choosing a Complete Clinics protein product will eliminate the guess work associated with finding the “right” products and chasing the products down in local stores. Besides tasting great, the Complete Clinics protein supplements assure optimal nutrition and increase successful weight loss.

We strongly encourage our patients to use our custom formulated products for optimal results. Complete Wellness protein products are formulated specifically to:

  • Increase your metabolism
  • Preserve your lean body mass
  • Help control hunger and produce a greater feeling of fullness
  • Increase your overall energy and reduce fatigue

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