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"Complete Clinics hCG program helped me lose 45 pounds and drop 8 dress sizes."

Our Process

The Complete Clinics process is designed to help you lose weight safely, our physician supported programs are offered in a caring, community environment. Just as importantly, our process emphasizes convenience – you will never be asked to count calories or perform other activities that can sabotage your weight loss goals.

During your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to meet with our Board Certified Clinicians and medical assistants who will review your medical history, perform a focused physical examination, analyze your body composition, assess your resting metabolic rate, review dietary instructions and discuss the first thirty days of your program.

If necessary, you will also do initial blood work and receive the medications and supplements discussed during your consultation which may include appetite suppressants (either prescription or natural), B12, and hCG injections. In approximately 30 minutes, you will receive everything you need to begin your journey to a BRAND NEW YOU!.

Follow-up visits are scheduled approximately every 30 days. Your program is tailored to your unique needs and body type, so each month our medical team will perform weight and body composition measurements, analyze metabolic factors and carefully review your progress so we can suggest nutritional or medication adjustments and changes to optimize your weight loss process.

Since our process utilizes daily protein supplements, you will have the opportunity to buy affordable protein shakes, bars and other products that are specially formulated to enhance weight loss and promote healthy nutrition.

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