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"Complete Clinics hCG program helped me lose 45 pounds and drop 8 dress sizes."

Introduction to CVAC Technology

At Complete Clinics, we’re committed to helping people of all shapes and sizes achieve their weight loss goals and improve their overall fitness. Our revolutionary CVAC (Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning) technology brings a new level of wellness and weight loss to your Complete Clinics program in a safe, natural and effort-free physical conditioning environment.

During the CVAC process, your body is surrounded by patterned pressure changes in clean, fresh air. As your body adapts to these changes, you will begin to reap the physical benefits that are similar to total-body, interval-resistance training. Scientists compare the benefits of CVAC to running up and down a mountain 300 times in 20 minutes, even though you will be relaxing comfortably in a CVAC altitude simulator.

CVAC is 100% safe and natural – there are no chemicals, additives or nitrogen/oxygen separators. Like all Complete Clinics programs, your CVAC process will be customized to your unique goals and body composition, allowing you to achieve maximum benefits in the areas of:

  • Improved stamina
  • Accelerated weight loss
  • Increased feeling of alertness and mental acuity (cognitive fitness)
  • Reduced inflammation and swelling
  • Improved recovery after exertion
  • Lactic Acid drainage (helps with pain reduction in fibromyalgia)
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Improved hormonal balance
  • Improved sleep (deeper, more restful sleep; decreased wake-ups)
  • Increased power and strength


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