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"Complete Clinics hCG program helped me lose 45 pounds and drop 8 dress sizes."


Most patients hardly consider our dietary approach a "diet". Our Traditional Program implements a set of "guidelines" for patients to follow that allows them to choose what foods they want to eat. The initial set of guidelines will eliminate a few foods. This will lay the foundation on which the patient will build knowledge on how to properly manage the foods that they eat. As patients reach certain goals, then certain foods will be reintroduced into their diet. However, the food will be returned with the education on how to properly manage that food.

Our program takes patients full-circle by returning all foods to their diet, but with the knowledge and confidence to manage those foods properly to avoid rebound weight gain. This educational method not only facilitates ongoing weight loss, but instructs people on how to properly manage foods to prevent the body from being able to build fat. Those who have lost weight before, only to regain the weight after "exiting" a diet plan did so because no one taught them what to do once they reached their goal. That is the difference between an educational real food approach and the ever-so-present "fad" diets.

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