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CVAC - Wellness

Complete Clinics CVAC (Cycling Variations in Adaptive Conditioning) technology offers a customized wellness solution for people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness backgrounds. From professional athletes to elderly men and women interested in increasing their energy levels, CVAC has been proven to help everyone improve their health and overall well-being.

The CVAC process is delivers patterned changes in air pressure, temperature and density in a safe and controlled environment. Since your body is physically conditioned as it responds to these changes, you get the wellness benefits of a total body interval workout while you relax comfortably under the supervision of Complete Clinics’ experienced medical and fitness staff.

Complete Clinics CVAC is completely effort-free. Many of our clients choose to read or catch up on their emails during a 20-minute session in which clean, fresh air moves in and out of the CVAC altitude simulator. Along with proper diet and exercise, Complete Clinics’ CVAC is your ticket to slowing the aging process and enjoying a more vital lifestyle.

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