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CVAC - Weight Loss

Complete Clinics CVAC (Cycling Variations in Adaptive Conditioning) technology enhances personal fitness and wellness by providing greater stamina and energy for everyday life. But the CVAC process also stimulates weight loss by accelerating your body’s ability to burn fat.

Altitude acclimatization increases production of red blood cells, which are responsible for carrying oxygen to the rest of the tissues and organs. For overweight individuals, fat tissue tends to be poorly oxygenated and can lead to an inflammatory response that makes it difficult for the body to access fat as an energy source. (This is also associated with individuals who are developing a resistance to insulin.) So the influx of oxygen that occurs from having a higher amount of red blood cells is a key mechanism in reducing inflammation and increasing the access to fat cells for metabolic purposes.

At Complete Clinics, we specialize in customized weight loss solutions for ordinary people. Whether you want to take off a couple of extra pounds or pursue a total body makeover, the Complete Clinics’ CVAC process makes a great addition to your personal weight loss program.

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