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Appetite Suppressant

The use of any medication is simply a tool to help the patient with dietary transitions. Patients should not rely on the medication alone to lose weight. Proper dietary considerations must be made for optimal results.

Complete Clinics uses only FDA approved prescription appetite suppressants. The anorectic class of drugs is well established for product safety. Each patient is screened individually for their current and past health history, as well as other medications they are currently taking. The most commonly prescribed appetite suppressants are Phentermine and Phendimetrazine. As with any medication, mild side-effects can occur. Most side-effects with anorectic drugs are typically temporary. If you experience any side-effects please contact our office immediately. Most side-effects can be managed with either a little time, reducing the dose or by simply changing medications.

Although prescription appetite suppressants are recommended for our comprehensive program, the use of any medication is completely optional.

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